2023 Bell Tower Festival logo unveiled


Michael Jordan is a worldwide icon. Much more than just a basketball star, but a clothing and shoe brand mogul.  

His Chicago Bulls jersey number is synonymous almost everywhere... No. 23.
He is the nearly undisputed basketball G.O.A.T.

So much so, the 23rd year of life is now known to many as the “Jordan Year.” It’s meant to be the best year of your life, or the beginning of your legacy.
The Bell Tower Festival has established a long-lasting legacy of its own throughout the decades.

Last year, the Bell Tower Festival celebrated Jefferson’s 150 years of existence, now it’s time to look to the future, and live your legacy, starting  in 2023.

The latest Bell Tower Festival logo was released to the public Monday, March 13 – “Live Your Legacy.” The elegant piece, designed by Bridgette Heisterkamp, is accented with vibrant use red and black, the primary colors of the Chicago Bulls as well as the Greene County Community School District.

Jefferson, Iowa is written below the word “legacy” in a cursive font, simulating a hand-written autograph, imposed over a faded number 23, representing the year 2023.

The annual Bell Tower Festival is set for June 8-10, taking place primarily on the Jefferson downtown square. Visitors will be treated to a downtown dinner party on Thursday, a dance party, 3-on-3 basketball, plenty of live music, a parade, a 5K/10K and many other activities celebrating the town of Jefferson.

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