SUBMITTED PHOTO Brianna Blasnitz and her instructor Corey McGrauth.

Blasnitz earns black belt in tae kwon do

Special to the Jefferson Herald

Brianna Blasnitz earned her black belt from Shin’s Tae Kwon Do Academy. 

The 17-year-old student is from Jefferson and attends college at the University of Northern Iowa as of this fall semester. 

Blasnitz started tae kwon do about six and a half years ago, when she was 11-years-old. 

“I joined in order to help myself gain enough self confidence to stand up for myself and others,” Blasnitz said. “Since I’ve reached that goal, I’ve made a new one, which is to help those who don’t have that much confidence and build them up.”

Blasnitz’s advice for anyone joining any type of martial art is to go in with an open mindset.

“If you expect to be the best when joining something new, then you’ll only be met with disappointment,” Blasnitz said. “Instead, think in a positive manner and take your time.”

Blasnitz said taekwondo has helped her in numerous ways outside of the classroom. With picking up a job and being a full-time student, Blasnitz said it’s helped her apply the tenets of martial arts and the ethical rules into her everyday life. 

“It showed me that if I don’t give it my all, then I shouldn’t expect the best results for myself either,” Blasnitz said. 

In order to earn her black belt, Blasnitz’s testing required her to perform any of her hand and foot techniques since she started tae kwon do. She also had demonstrated board breaking and sparring. 

Blasnitz’s instructor, Corey McGrauth, said she has been an amazing student.

“She is a great role model, willing to help out other students to achieve their goals,” McGrauth said. “Being in tae kwon do, I have noticed her self-confidence has increased along with power, and her flexibility has dramatically increased.”

Her hobbies include playing both the piano flute, art, singing and archery. 

Her family includes mother Charlotte Blasnitz, guardian Glenn Childs, sister Cecelia Blasnitz-Childs and brother-in-law Brandon Childs.

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