Foundation issues continue for new animal shelter construction

By Rick Morain

Jefferson Herald

Additional soil testing is needed before construction of the new Greene County Animal Shelter continues.

The project was brought to a halt last month when the foundation of the building experienced settling issues with the soil.
The project delay was one of the top area’s of focus during the June 14 Jefferson city council meeting.
The animal shelter building frame that had already been erected was taken down in May in order to address soil stability concerns. The plan was originally for the foundation to be stabilized with piers driven into the ground to reach stable soil, roughly 20 feet down.  
Under the new proposal, additional testing will bore holes 50 feet deep to determine the stability of the soil before proceeding with necessary foundation repairs. The additional boring will be at the city’s expense and will come out of the project fund.
The Jefferson city council approved $6,030 for the additional soil testing.

The council also set the date of its next regular meeting on Tuesday, June 28, for three public hearings.

The first hearing will discuss plans and specifications for the Russell Street water main improvement project. Bid opening for the project is set for 10 a.m. Thursday, July 7.

The second will discuss plans and specifications for improvement to the City Hall entrance at 220 North Chestnut. Bid opening for that project will also take place at 10 a.m. Thursday, July 7.
The third hearing will discuss the status of funded activities for the development project at 200 East State, the northeast corner of the square. That hearing is required because state Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds are part of the project.

• The council approved an increase to the city’s contract with Cemetery Information Management Systems (CIMS). The firm will perform data collection and creation of a public search portal for Jefferson Cemetery. The original contract, approved by the council on May 10, was not to exceed $40,000. The new contract is not to exceed $65,000.

Review of the contract’s software components indicated that the base map for the project would need additional one-time technical input. The upgrade was recommended by the council’s cemetery committee and staff.

• The council by resolution waived its right to review a plat of survey for property located at the top of the Highway 4 hill south of town, south of the Raccoon River. The property is being developed by a firm for a new warehouse at that site. Because the site lies fewer than two miles from the city limits, the city has the option to review the survey plat. The council chose not to do that.
• The council agreed to a sidewalk reimbursement of $1,662.50 for Central Christian Church of Jefferson.
• Pay Estimate No. 6 in the amount of $76,186 in CDBG funds for the 200 East State Street project was approved.
• The council approved two fireworks permits: one for Terry Semke at 1202 South Grimmell Road effective July 2 to July 4, and the other for Bruce Binkley at 507 East Garfield effective July 4 and July 9.
• Liquor licenses were approved as follows: Hy-Vee Fast and Fresh, Class E; Hy-Vee Market Café, Class C; Coaches Corner at Wild Rose Jefferson, Class C (commercial); and Wild Rose Jefferson, Class C (commercial).
A cigarette/tobacco/nicotine/vapor permit for Moes Mart was approved.


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