CONTRIBUTED TO THE JEFFERSON HERALD | BY LUANN WALDO Holding the check for the total amount of grants provided during the Grow Greene County 2023 Grant Awards are, from left to right, Michelle Gilbertson, Karen Lawton, Karen Shannon, and Denny Hammen. Throughout the night, the organization provided a total of $1,809,950 towards local endeavors.

Grow Greene County donates nearly $2 million during grant awards


In just one night, a local nonprofit helped distribute nearly $2 million in grants.

The Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation had its 8th annual Grand Awards Ceremony at Wild Rose & Casino on Tuesday, April 4. Throughout the night, the organization provided a total of $1,809,950 towards local endeavors

Grow Greene County has distributed over $10 million in projects in Greene County and surrounding communities since its beginnings.

According to a news release, the awards represented gaming revenues at Wild Rose Jefferson during the 2022 calendar year. Due to the increasing popularity of Wild Rose, according to the news release, Grow Greene County has been able to distribute more money towards local activities. 

Craig Marquardt, the vice president of Grow Greene County Board of Directors, said the board spends several hours reviewing and discussing the application for the awards. 

“As simple as it may sound to some, it is a challenge to distribute the funds that we receive, because no matter what at the end of the day, there’s always more demand for the money than what we receive and someone will always be disappointed that the project wasn’t funded,” Marquardt said. 

Lori Mannel, a member of the Grow Greene County Board Of Directors, also took to the stage to discuss the commitment behind the group.

Since joining, Mannel said she’s fostered strong relationships by getting involved with the Grow Greene County Board Of Directors, connecting with individuals she did know despite living in a small community. 

An online application for new members is currently available, with Mannel encouraging others to apply by the beginning of 2024. 

“Our vision is to positively grow Greene County for families and businesses to thrive,” Mannel said. “Our mission is to serve as a catalyst to leverage and coordinate resources while providing opportunities for leadership and vision.”

In her speech, Mannel said everyone attending helps strengthen their own community. 

“You are all leaders,” Mannel said. “You all care about the community and you all make a difference in making our home a better place.”

The Grow Greene County Board of Directors consist of President Norm Fandel, Vice President Craig Marquardt, Secretary Peg Raney, Treasurer Bob Allen, and board members Lori Manniel, Brenda Muir, Kate Neese, and Rick Morain. Ex-Offico Board members added in 2019 are Dawn Rudolph of the Greene County Board of Supervisors and Matt Wetrich of the Jefferson City Council. Board attorney is Mike Mumma and Cindy Duhrkopf is their part-time administrative assistant. 

Contiguous County Community Foundations

— Boone County: $52,000.00

— Calhoun County: $52,000.00

— Carroll County: $52,000.00

— Dallas County: $52,000.00

— Guthrie County: $52,000.00

— Webster County: $52,000.00

School Districts

— Greene County School District: $165,000.00

— Paton-Churdan School District: $30,000.00

Greene County Municipalities

— Churdan: $21,935.00

— Dana: $2,284.00

— Grand Junction: $43,570.00

— Jefferson: $50,000.00

— Paton: $13,281.00

— Rippey: $13,221.00

— Scranton: $30,709.00

Legacy Grants

— Greene County Community Foundation: $150,000

— Greene County Animal Shelter: $67,000

— Greene County Early Learning Center/TCCL: $125,000

— Greene County Conservation: $36,000

— Greene County Youth Athletic Association: $100,000

Economic Impact Awards

— Greene County Development Corporation: $61,695.00

— Jefferson Matters: A Main Street & Chamber Community: $40,000.00

2023 Competitive Grants

— City of Dana: $35,000

— Greene County Community Center/JPR: $35,776

— The Children’s Center: $37,918

— Rippey Lions Club: 40,000

— Scranton Alumni Association - Community Center: $45,355

— Bell Tower Festival: $45,515

— Greene County ISU Extension & Outreach: $60,000

— City of Churdan: $65,691

— Greene County Medical Center Foundation: $81,500

— Jefferson Matters: A Main Street & Chamber Community: $100,000

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