Jefferson man charged with repeated sexual abuse of children

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A resident of Jefferson has been apprehended for allegedly sexually abusing a pair of children for more than six years.

Olvin Aguilar Flores, 32, of Jefferson, was booked into the Greene County Jail at 7:45 Nov. 21 for two counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child following a brief investigation.
The first juvenile came forward to police on Nov. 20 while the other approached officers a day later on Nov. 21.

Aguilar Flores admitted to law enforcement at the Greene County Jail to having repeated sex with a step-child since 2015, acknowledging he had sex with the juvenile around 30 times in the last three years. Aguilar Flores said he had sex with the juvenile in multiple locations in Jefferson and Greene County.  Another step-child, who is now a teenager, has accused Aguilar Flores of sexually assaulting the youth since the age of seven, over a span of six years.
Aguilar Flores allegedly sexually assaulted one of his step children by taking away their cell phone and refusing to give it back unless intercourse was performed.

Officers were alerted of the alleged child sex abuse during a recent custodial exchange after returning from a town in west central Iowa.

Aguilar Flores said he came forward and admitted to the crimes for fear of his family hurting him because of the aforementioned allegations.
One of the step-children said Aguilar Flores committed another round of sexual assault as recently as September.

Aguilar Flores posted a cash bond of $50,000 on Monday, Nov. 28.

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