Saturday evening crash claims two lives near Grand Junction

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A single vehicle car accident turned fatal Feb. 18.

Ryan Vaughn, 32, of Farnhamville and Shiena Hadley, 41, of Bagley, were ejected from their vehicle around 9 p.m. a few miles outside of Grand Junction after rolling their vehicle and colliding with a tree.
The passengers were both pronounced dead at the scene.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office said first responders could not determine who was driving the vehicle during the time of the fatal crash.
Hadley and Vaughn were traveling west on Highway 30 roughly one-half mile past the T Avenue intersection when their 2006 Chevy Colorado traveled over the center line in an evasive action and into the south ditch, according to the Iowa State Patrol’s accident report. The vehicle then rolled and struck a tree on the driver’s side, coming to rest in an upright position after impact. Both passengers were ejected in the collision and were pronounced deceased at the scene. Neither passenger was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident, according to the incident report.

Officials do not know exactly what caused the evasive action on the Highway, and may not have answers for awhile.

“In regards to the crash you reference, I am not able to answer the questions posed due to the investigation being ongoing,” Shelby McCreedy, district 4 public resource officer with the Iowa State Patrol said in an email. “With fatal crashes, our technical investigators do the reports and they take months to complete. Until the final report is done, what has been released is the extent of what I know.”   

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Grand Junction Fire and the Iowa State Patrol responded to the scene Saturday. Both victims were transported to the state medical examiner.

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