Olvin Aguilar Flores mug shot

UPDATE: Aguilar Flores faces new sex abuse charge, bond increased

County attorney's office believes Jefferson man may flee the country

By Brandon Hurley

Managing Editor


A Jefferson man awaiting trial for multiple charges of sexual abuse was recently arrested for another sexual crime – and posted bail two days after he was apprehended.  

Prosecutors believe Olvin Aguilar Flores, 33, who was booked into the Greene County jail for second degree sexual abuse March 4 for allegedly sexually assaulting a seven-year old girl, is a threat to possibly flee the country.

A bond hearing was held Monday, March 13, which Aguilar-Flores did not appear at. Subsequently, a nationwide warrant has been issued for his arrest, with a bond set at $500,000.

Aguilar Flores is set to go to trial on April 4 for two counts of continuous sexual abuse of child, third degree sexual abuse of a child victim in the same household in addition to two counts of child endangerment stemming from an arrest on Nov. 21, 2022. Aguilar-Flores is accused of allegedly sexually abusing two children for a period of more than six years.

Aguilar Flores admitted to law enforcement at the Greene County Jail to having repeated sex with a step-child since 2015, acknowledging he had sex with the juvenile around 30 times in the last three years. Aguilar Flores said he had sex with the juvenile in multiple locations in Jefferson and Greene County.  Another step-child, who is now a teenager, has accused Aguilar Flores of sexually assaulting the youth since the age of seven, over a span of six years.

Aguilar Flores allegedly sexually assaulted one of his step children by taking away their cell phone and refusing to give it back unless
intercourse was performed. Aguilar Flores said he came forward and admitted to the crimes for fear of his family hurting him because of the aforementioned allegations.

Aguilar Flores posted bailed of $50,000 a week after his arrest on Nov. 28.

He was arrested again last week stemming from allegations by an ex-romantic partner who alleges Aguilar Flores of sexually abusing a then seven-year old girl between the years of June 2012 and September 2014 while they shared a home in Scranton.  

The 33-year old's most recent bail was set at $25,000, which Aguilar Flores posted two days after he was arrested on March 6.

Subsequently, upon Aguilar Flores's release from custody on Monday, county attorney Thomas Laehn filed a motion to amend the bond to $500,000, citing Aguilar Flores's prior arrests a few months earlier for a handful of several other sexual abuse charges. Laehn noted that Aguilar's initial bond in November was set at twice the amount of what it was on March 4.

The county attorney's office also believes Aguilar Flores may attempt to flee the country, saying he asked for his Honduran passport, birth certificate and ID from his wife, which the prosecutors say "could potentially be used to help him leave the country," according to court documents.

Laehn believes the bond should be increased because Aguilar Flores is a "risk to the personal safety of others," court documents said.

The prosecutor believes Aguilar Flores's repeated criminal behavior forms a pattern which "suggests the existence of proclivities that pose a direct and immediate threat to the public and, in particular, to those members of the public who are the least able to protect themselves, namely, children," court documents said.

Laehn references Aguilar Flores's prior sexual abuse charges as well as the most recent charge, when considered together, as a "larger pattern of behavior warranting a higher bond than would normally be imposed under the state’s uniform bond schedule if the alleged offenses were considered separately as isolated incidents," court documents said.

Additionally, Laehn is requesting Aguilar Flores's passport and birth certificate be surrendered to the Greene County Sheriff's Office if he were to post bail. The state, referencing Laehn's claims, suggested two, $500,000 cash only bonds for Aguilar-Flores's sexual abuse cases.

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