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Educational Experience Brings Doctor of Physical Therapy to 21st Century Rehab at Greene County Medical Center

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Educational Experience Brings Doctor of Physical Therapy to 21st Century Rehab at Greene County Medical Center

A year and a half ago, Kyle Wright completed a clinical rotation at 21st Century Rehab in Greene County Medical Center. Now, he is coming back, putting his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree to work.

Originally from Manchester in northeast Iowa, Wright is excited about a move to Jefferson, which brings him closer to family. “My dad is from Scranton and my uncle is the Greene County High School Athletic Director,”

Wright said. He is also ready to immerse himself in our communities. “I am purchasing a house, and once I get settled, I’m hoping to become a part of the school system, taking tickets at games or things like that. At some point, I would like to start coaching younger kids in basketball as well.”

Wright begins his new role at 21st Century Rehab on July 8 and is ready to make connections and build relationships. In addition to working closely with all patients, Wright hopes to further his education in dry needling and vestibular disorders. “Dry needling is a technique in which small needles are inserted into trigger points, areas that get tight and cause pain,” he explained. “Research shows an outside stimulus—the needle—can increase blood flow to the area, decreasing tension and pain. Vestibular disorders are those that affect balance, causing dizziness and vertigo.

Wright is an athlete, playing basketball and baseball in high school and going on to pitch for Central College.

He said his father, mother and sister, are all educators, and though he did not want to become a teacher, he has been able to find a different way to educate through physical therapy. “I always wanted to do something where I could help people,” said Wright. “When I first went to college orientation, I was thinking about either math or an exercise science degree. After meeting with the exercise science department, I realized I couldn’t sit at a desk all day doing the math stuff. I spent some time in my athletic career with a physical therapist and I shadowed in my hometown and that brought me to this choice.”

Wright received a bachelor degree in exercise science from Central College of Pella in 2021 and his doctor of physical therapy degree from Des Moines University this spring. He wants patients to know he likes to bring a smile to people’s faces and he strives to make their interactions upbeat and positive.

In his free time, Wright enjoys being outdoors and exercising, playing pick-up basketball, baseball, disc golf and pickleball. He also enjoys reading and learning as much as possible.

Other common reasons to see a physical therapist include: arthritis, chronic pain, lymphedema, sports injuries, temporomandibular joint problems, headaches and more. To schedule an appointment with Wright, call 515-386-4284.

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