Monica McGregor

Monica was born in Dawson Township July 22nd, 1927. She was the youngest child of Raymond and De Sales Tiffany, with two older siblings, Mary Carmel and Jack.  As a child, she was her father’s farm hand, raising and caring for jersey cattle as a 4-H project, thus beginning her lifelong love for the youth organization.  She also helped her mother with the chickens.

Her love of learning started early, at the age of 5 in country school at Hardin #2.  She moved quickly through the system, graduating from eighth grade at the age of 12 and Dana High School at the age of 15.  She went on to get her teaching certificate attending three colleges- Mount Mercy, Drake University and Iowa State University.  During the summers, she returned home to help with the threshing and to pursue her 4-H career, becoming a state officer.  In 1947, she began her teaching and coaching career, accepting her first position in Gray, Iowa for a salary of $135 per month.

Monica met the love of her life, Dennis McGregor, at Dana High School. It only took him 8 years to get her to marry him. She was on her way to South America as an exchange student when Dennis asked her to marry him, and they decided they could travel together later. They were married in 1953 and the children followed- Mary Ellen, Mary Edith (deceased), Sheilah, David, Bridget, Mark, Stuart (deceased), and Alex. They never made it to South America, but traveled to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Mexico and, of course, Okoboji and the family trip to Ireland in 2009.  

Her three loves were her God, her family and her community, and she dedicated her life to all three.  She served her God by becoming involved in the Women’s Guild, Diocesan Council of Catholic Women, Catholic Daughter’s of America, accompanying the church choir, and celebrating the 100th Anniversary of St. Joseph’s Parish.  Ecumenism was a big part of her ministry.  She always thought it important to share ones faith with others- helping us grow on our spiritual journey.

For her family, her love was unconditional - always searching for the truth, teaching and guiding by whatever means necessary to come to the proper resolution. This unconditional love and support extended well beyond her immediate family, including her nieces and nephews, her children’s friends, a special family friend Cindy, and even those she would meet for the first time. Knowing Monica meant knowing that she would be there for you, as she deeply valued the connections with her loved ones and those she came to know.

Community and “getting involved” was another passion.  She used her love of music and creative talent to inspire new musicians to learn and share their gifts with others. There are a host of former students and 4-Hers walking the avenues of life, remembering her and what she taught them.

We cannot close without mentioning her love of the old country, Ireland and her family roots in County Mayo.  Many have experienced the Irish party and the many things we learned.  She was the only person that could make singing Irish songs and playing Irish charades something to look forward to each year.

In her words and her gift to you: “Caring is all important - about yourself physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. If you do this in all sincerity, your relationship with others and your God is satisfying and this is what it is all about.”

Monica is lovingly remembered by her husband of 61 years, Dennis McGregor; her children Mary, husband Bill and grandchildren Tiffany (David), Pete, and Allison, Sheilah and husband Tim and grandchildren Meghan (deceased) and Anna, David and wife Michelle and grandchildren Kellan and Mali, Bridget, Mark and wife Julie, grandchildren Josh (Dawn), Melissa (Kelly), Jennifer and Michelle (Travis), Stuart (deceased), and Alex.  Monica will also be remembered by Elaine McDowell and her children, Amanda (Jay), Heather, and Neil, all of her beloved nieces and nephews, international daughter Elena, students, 4-H kids, and all of you who will remember this grand lady. Slininger-Rossow Funeral Home 515-386-2171.

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