COVID rears its head again

Mary Weaver

Freedom to Flourish, Book Bans, NOT ON MY WATCH, these phrases and ideas coming from our Governor seem incompatible. I am having trouble wrapping my head around the incongruencies of this administration.

It is back. COVID is rearing its ugly contagious head again.

In my immediate family our adult son returned from a short vacation to Colorado, not feeling well, and the following day tested positive. He ran a slight fever, felt achy, and confined himself to the recliner for two days.

First Lady, Jill Biden is recovering from this new strain of COVID, and the President is being tested frequently before he flies off to meet world leaders.

On a very local note, we are aware of Chuck Offenburger missing his own declared cinnamon roll contest at the Iowa State Fair because of COVID exposure.

It is time to retrieve the masks from the upstairs closet, implement frequent washing of hands, especially after being out in the public sector, and distancing at least 6 feet from others when having a conversation.

As a former public health nurse, my health promotion and disease prevention thoughts come to mind; plenty of rest, eating healthy, and if exposed to someone who later tests positive, isolate for 5 days. If in the direct presence of someone positive for COVID the Center for Disease Control recommends wearing a mask for 10 days. This may be time to avoid crowded venues such as indoor plays or concerts, or to wear a mask if attending.

Wear a mask to demonstrate respect and caution for individuals who are immunocompromised, are older, and those with chronic conditions that may make them at higher risk. Having COVID could result in dire health circumstances or even their death.

A Center for Disease Control report of 109 new hospital admissions during the third week in August, was a 51.4 % increase from the previous week.

In what seems like a huge CIVIL RIGHTS dichotomy, our Governor issued a press release on September 1st, “Not on my watch. In Iowa[the] government respects the people it serves and fights to protect their rights.” The dichotomy is that 52 percent of Iowans did not want school vouchers, but they were implemented. That 61 percent of Iowans believe abortion should be determined between the woman and her physician, but our Governor continues to advocate for abortion restrictions. In my opinion, leaders will represent their constituents’ values, display concern, and implement safety measures for their citizens.

The new variant nicknamed “Eris” is scientifically named EG.5. It is a highly contagious omicron subvariant that has become the dominant proportion of new COVID infections. The vaccine for its prevention is scheduled to become available at the end of September.

Greene County currently has a dismal 19.5 percent updated booster rate. For your own health benefits, and others in our County, be watchful for the availability of the newest booster.

 Mary Weaver is a retired public health nurse and leader for the Iowa Democratic Women’s Caucus. She writes VIEW FROM MY WINDOW from her home in rural Rippey and is being cautious to avoid exposure to COVID.

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