Playing in steadily falling rain, defender Anthony Cunningham moves the ball to his offensive players by bouncing it off of his head in Boone’s home game on May 4. The Toreadors defeated North Polk 4-0 and now have a 6-4 season record.

Boone boys soccer improves to 6-4


The Boone boys soccer team won both of their home matches this week, improving their record to 6-4. The squads claimed their first victory of the week when they outlasted Winterset 4-3 on May 2. The game was originally scheduled for April 9 but was postponed due to inclement weather.

The Toreadors got off to a slow start and were down 2-1 at the end of the first 45 minute half. Offensive leader Jared Dow scored Boone’s goal in the first half and followed it with two more in the second. The Huskies also got a goal in the second half, so the game was tied 3-3 at the end of regulation play.

Neither team was able to score in two overtime periods, so the squads went into a penalty kick shoot-out. The penalty kick shoot-out is a method of determining a winner if the game is still tied after two overtime periods. In the shoot-out, each team takes turns attempting a specified number of shots (usually five) from the penalty mark. The only person who can defend the goal on these shots is the opposing team’s goalkeeper (goalie). The team that gets the most balls into the net on their five kicks, is awarded a point to break the tie and win the game.

“I cannot say enough about Marcelo Alarcon’s great saves,” said Coach Dow. “He won the game by blocking two of Winterset’s five shots.” Jared Dow, Tyler Stotts, Nick Schroeder, and Blake Price made their penalty shots, so the Toreadors were awarded the extra point and won the game. Alarcon had 16 total saves in the game.  Boone’s junior varsity team lost a tight game to Winterset 1-2. Tyler Stotts scored the Toreador’s only goal in the game.

The Toreadors dominated North Polk 4-0 on a rainy night at Goeppinger Field on May 4. Boone led 2-0 at the half. They added another goal with 36 minutes left and the final score with 24 minutes remaining. The home team was in control of the ball most of the game, as the Toreador defense kept the Comets from getting many good shots. Nick Schroeder led the team in scoring with two goals. Jared Dow and Ryan Dow each knocked in another goal, and Jared was also credited with two assists. Coach Billie Dow had the following comments after the game. “We did a good job of distributing the ball across the field, and it takes the entire team working together to do that,” said the coach. “Some of our players who were sick and injured are feeling much better and are able to be more aggressive.”

Boone’s junior varsity won their contest with North Polk 3-2. Due to small numbers and several injuries on the Comet’s squad, action was suspended after the first half. Tyler Stotts, Ryan Dow, and Jeff Elliot each scored a goal for the Toreadors.

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