Greene County powerlifting team (l. to r.) Isaac Perez, Mark Kendall, Wyatt Taggart, Nic Walsh, Dalton Weber, Jacob Monthei, Roman Phillips, Dylan Lansman.

Greene County powerlifting team places first


The Greene County powerlifting team placed first at the Natural Strength Association Powerlifting Meet in Des Moines on Mar. 15. Eight students attended from our school, and Greene County had one of the largest squads. “Powerlifting gives the kids a sense of direction, and the skills that they learn carry over into other sports or activities,” said coach Brian Phillips. “Our new physical education teacher Richard Beeler is teaching the kids some Olympic lifts, and It is neat to see them try some of them.” The following students broke previous records throughout the course of the competition on Saturday:
Roman Phillips- 143 pounds in strict curt and 363 pounds in dead lift

Dylan Lansman- 116 pounds in strict curl

Wyatt Taggart- 77 pounds in strict curl, 242 pounds in bench, and 385 pounds in dead lift

Isaac Perez- 132 pounds in strict curl, 226 pounds in bench, 440 pounds in dead lift, and 209 in power clean

The Power Award went to Roman Phillips for his strict curl of 143 pounds at a body weight of 165 pounds.

Funding for the team was provided by Power Lift, the Jefferson Police Department, and the Greene County Sheriff’s Department.

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