Ram freshman Nadia Fisher won the girls high jump competition at the Carroll Coed relays on April 15. Fisher set a new personal record jumping 5’ 1”.

Ram girls win the Carroll Coed Invitational


On a chilly April 15 evening, the Greene County’s girls track team won the girls title at the Carroll Coed Relays. Times and distances were definitely affected by temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s for most of the evening, but the Rams were a hardy crew winning seven events and scoring points in 16 others to accumulate 154.5 points for the evening. Other scores were Carroll 135, Maple Valley Anthon- Oto 92, Audubon 90, Woodward-Granger 56, IKM- Manning 52.5, and Perry 9. Greene County dominated the relay events winning the 4 x 200, 4 x 400, 4 x 800, and shuttle hurdle. Allison Higgins continued her winning streaks in the 1500 and 3000 meter events, while Emma Saddoris captured a win in the long jump and Nadia Fisher set a new personal record in the high jump with a leap of 5’ 1”. Placing in 23 events takes a good effort from many members of the squad, so this was a total team victory on a night that wasn’t the most pleasant.

Girls event winners and Rams second through sixth place finishes at Carroll Coed Relays on April 15.

100 meter dash- 1st, Emma Konkler, Aud (:13.77); 6th, Emma Saddoris, Gr Co (:14.62).
200 meter dash- 1st, Konkler, Aud (:28.77); 2nd, Kate Sandage, Gr Co (:28.94); 4th Emily Christensen, Gr Co (29.39).
400 meter dash- 1st, Kendra Sexton, MVAO (1:05.60); 4th, Hannah Stein, Gr Co (1:10.29).
800 meter run- 1st, Emalee Funderman, MVAO (2:33.58 ); 5th Jolee Wessling, Gr Co (2:42.66).
1500 meter run- 1st, Allison Higgins, Gr Co (5:33.20).
3000 meter run- Higgins, Gr Co (11:59.90); 4th Cassidy Adamson, Gr Co (13:42.38).
100 meter hurdles- 1st, Abby Musser, W-G (:16.66); 3rd, K. Sandage, Gr Co (:17.45); 4th, Eme Johnson, Gr Co (:17.77).
400 meter hurdles- 1st, Musser, W-G (1:08.66); 2nd, Johnson, Gr Co (1:09.20); 4th, Nadia Fisher, Gr Co (1:16.08).
4 x 100 relay- 1st, Car (:52.68); 3rd, Gr Co  (K. Sandage, Mollie Sorber, S. Sandage, Hannah Cooklin) (:56.22).
4 x 200 relay- 1st, Gr Co  (Saddoris, Olivia Hanson, Fisher, Christensen) (1:57.91).
4 x 400 relay- 1st, Gr Co (Hanson, Saddoris, Christensen, Johnson) (4:27.09).
4 x 800 relay- 1st, Gr Co  ( Hanson, Noelle Gray, J. Wessling, Christensen (10:54.64).
Sprint medley relay- 1st, Car (2:05.26); 3rd, Gr Co (H. Cooklin, S. Sandage, Sorber, Stein) (2:08.29).
Distance medley relay- Aud (4:57.87).
Shuttle hurdle relay- 1st, Gr Co (Johnson, S. Sandage, Fisher, K. Sandage) (1:10.10)
High jump- 1st, Fisher, Gr Co (5’ 1”) (PR); 5th, Sorber, Gr Co (4’ 4”).
Long jump- 1st, Saddoris, Gr Co (15’ 2.5”) 5th, Cooklin, Gr Co (13’ 10”).
Shot put- 1st, Lauren Janning, Car (37’ 7.25”); 4th, Hannah Onken, Gr Co (33’ 1.5”).
Discus- 1st, Janning, Car (124’ 2”); 2nd, Onken, Gr Co (117’ 10”); 5th, Kenna Marquardt, Gr Co (90’ 5”).

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