Senior Emma Saddoris practices the back squat lift at Greene County's weight room. Saddoris broke the national back squat record for 123 pounders by lifting 242 pounds at a NASA competition held in Des Moines.

Saddoris breaks nation powerlifting record

On March 14, six Greene County Power Lifters attended a competition sponsored by the Natural Athlete Strength Association (NASA) in Des Moines. Senior Emma Saddoris broke a state and national record in the back squat competition for participants that weigh 123 pounds by lifting 110 kilograms (242 pounds). The previous record was 231 pounds. Emma weighed in at 119, so she actually lifted more than twice her body weight. The back squat lift involves the lifter using their hands to balance the weighted bar on the upper back or shoulders, squatting down so that the thigh is at a 90 degree angle with the floor, and then standing back up to the starting position.
Emma has been lifting regularly 2-3 times per week for the past year. She divulged that she actually has lifted 245 pounds doing the back squat in the weight room. When she went to weigh in for the NASA competition, the officials asked her how much she thought she could lift and acted skeptical that she stated that she plan to lift over 200 pounds. She was very pleased that one of those same officials was on hand to announce that she had broken the state and national records.
 All six Greene County lifters did the back squat in their respective weight classes. Each participant got to do their lift three times with rest time in between each try. Judges watched each attempt and determined whether the lift was legal. Best back squats for other Ram lifters were Dylan Hamilton, 374 pounds, Hannah Gunn, 132 pounds, Sunny Mobley, 126 pounds, Eme Johnson, 137 pounds, and Hannah Cooklin 203 pounds.
Hamilton and Saddoris both competed in two other competitions throughout the day. Dylan bench pressed 258 pounds and dead lifted 308 pounds. Emma bench pressed 66 pounds and dead lifted 187 pounds.
Although there were only six students that attended this spring’s competition, most high school athletes do activities to improve their strength. If the students work out at Greene County High School, they are supervised and coached by strength coach Richard Beeler who makes sure that they are warming up and using the equipment properly. He also designs programs for students, so they improve their strength without injuring themselves. Beeler also teaches physical education at the high school.

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