Junior Abe Yoder is just ready to get an escape in his 145 pound match with Saydel’s Brody Harrison. Yoder won 8-4, but the Rams lost the dual meet to the Eagles 39-34.Senior Dylan Forkner is on his way to scoring a reversal in his match with South Hamilton’s Brian Greenfield. Forkner who is currently ranked sixth in Class 2A at 126 pounds, recorded a 13-2 major decision in the match on Jan. 9.

South Hamilton breaks the Ram’s string of conference dual meet victories


The Ram wrestling team’s string of 22 consecutive conference dual victories was broken on Jan. 9 when they lost to South Hamilton 30-25 and to North Polk 48-33. The match with South Hamilton was closer as the Hawks also had several open weights, so the Rams only had to give up one forfeit period.  North Polk had a wrestler in all four weights that Greene County didn’t, so the Rams had to give up 24 points “We came out flat, and didn’t wrestle our best,” said coach Mark Sawhill. “We were also missing a couple of guys that we had counted on.”

On January 13, Greene County hosted Saydel and CMB for a conference double dual that was previously scheduled on  Dec. 19 but was postponed due to icy road conditions. The Rams won over CMB 57-10 and lost 39-34 to Saydel. CMB had even more open weights than the Rams, so Greene County didn’t start at a disadvantage. They won all but one match that they wrestled and Jordan Challen, Tommy Bradshaw, Hunter Ruth, Tray Binkley, and Rene Guzman all recorded pins.

Greene County won seven and lost four of the matches that they wrestled against the Eagles. Saydel had wrestlers at all 14 weights. The Rams had to give up 18 points in forfeits, so it is somewhat surprising that the outcome was as close as it was. Dylan Forkner, Jeremy Scheuermann, Tray Binkley, and Rene Guzman got pins against Saydel, and Jake Challen got a major decision to get bonus points for Greene County. The Rams currently have a 7-10 dual meet record for the season.

“We wrestled hard and did not let up all night,” said coach Mark Sawhill. “It is tough to win when you have to give up several forfeits. The wrestlers that we had put forth a great effort.”

Three Ram wrestlers were listed on the Predicament Magazine’s Iowa high school rankings released last week. Dylan Forkner was ranked sixth in Class 2A at 126 pounds, Jordan Challen was ranked seventh in Class 2A at 132 pounds, and Jeremy Scheuermann was ranked sixth in Class 2A at 152 pounds.

South Hamilton 30  Greene County 25
106 Neither team had a wrestler
113 Rams forfeited to Corey Clabaugh.
120  Jacob Challen WBF in 34 seconds over Preston Luksetich
126 Dylan Forkner WB 13-2 major decision over Brian Greenfield
132 Jordan Challen lost to JD Rader (ranked 7th in Class 1A) 6-1.
138 Tommy Bradshaw WBF in 3:00 over Luke Peters
145 Abe Yoder lost in overtime 4-2 to Austin Roys
152 Jeremy Scheuermann won 8-1 decision over Jordan Toillion
160 Isaiah Yoder LBF in 4:56 to Max Reiter
170 Hunter Ruth LBF in 1:05 to Brady Clabaugh
182 Neither team had a wrestler
195 Neither team had a wrestler
220 George Zito won by forfeit
285 Rene Guzman LBF in 5:06 to Josh Lutter.

North Polk 48  Greene County 33
106 Rams forfeited to Chase Erickson
113 Rams forfeited to Gabe Surles
120 Jake Challen  WBF in 1:43 over Austin Smith
126 Dylan Forkner won by forfeit
132 Jordan Challen WBF in 49 seconds over Isaac Sharp
138 Tommy Bradshaw won by forfeit
145 Abe Yoder won 15-11 decision over Corbin Flowers
152 Jeremy Scheuermann WBF in 35 seconds over Calvin Christensen
160 Isaiah Yoder LBF in 52 seconds to Landon Schuessler
170 Hunter Ruth LBF in 1:39 to Luke Jacobs.
182 Rams forfeited to Jake Cory
195 Rams forfeited to Travis Jacobs
220 George Zito LBF in 48 seconds to Ben Bruggeman
285 Rene Guzman LBF in 2:50 to TJ Krehbiel

JV Matches vs. South Hamilton and North Polk
Logan Scheuermann won by 16-2 major decision and  a 13-4 major decision
Nick Brown Lost by 12-11 decision and WBF in 5:10
Mark Kendall- Won a 5-0 decision and WBF in 1:28.

Greene County 57  CMB 10
106 - Neither team had a wrestler
113- Rams forfeited to Jake Hennick
120- Jake Challen won by forfeit
126- Dylan Forkner won by forfeit
132- Jordan Challen WBF in 2:34 over Ethan Cozad
138- Tommy Bradshaw WBF in 45 seconds over Evan Bianchi
145- Abe Yoder won by forfeit
152- Jeremy Scheuermann won by forfeit
160- Isaiah Yoder won by 5-1 decision over Jordan Coughenour
170- Hunter Ruth WBF in 1:29 over Blake Coughenour
182- Tray Binkley WBF in 1:19 over Logan Cory
195- Neither team had a wrestler
220- George Zito lost 10-1 major decision to Archer McFadden
285- Rene Guzman WBF in 29 seconds over Bennett Bartello

Greene County 34   Saydel 39
106- Rams forfeited to Devin Van Houten
113- Rams forfeited to Tyler Brown
120 Jake Challen won a 14-6 major decision over Cory Hardin
126- Dylan Forkner WBF in 1:02 over Oscar Ruiz
132- Jordan Challen lost by 4-3 decision to Austin Moen (ranked 10th in Class 2A)
138- Tommy Bradshaw won by 15-11 decision over Grant Sherman
145- Abe Yoder won by 8-4 decision over Brady Harrison
152- Jeremy Scheuermann WBF in 40 seconds over Cory Denning
160- Isaiah Yoder LBF in 2:32 to Dylan Coffin
170- Hunter Ruth LBF in 50 seconds to Jake Sherman
182- Tray Binkley WBF in 2:39 over Jeremy Stalker
195- George Zito LBF in 41 seconds to Jessie Hunter
220- Rams forfeited to Tyler Stocker
285- Rene Guzman WBF in 42 seconds over Jace Langholtz

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