Spectator guidelines released for Greene County home games

The new normal has ushered in an unusual way for fans to take in Greene County athletics this fall. Spectators are required to consider a variety of ticket options before entering volleyball and football contests, while each donning a face mask to gain entry.
Up to six family members for each student athlete, cheerleader and band member are guaranteed entrance to Greene County athletics (these fans will still pay the normal fee), while an online service will sell tickets to the general public.
Wristbands will be provided to family members of volleyball and football athletes as well as cheerleaders and band members. Main grandstand seating, under the football field press box, will be designated for families of the aforementioned students. Dots will signify areas where groups should sit and practice social distancing.
In response to concerns expressed over limited seating at football games, Greene County High School made a few revisions to their initial release earlier this week. All football players/cheerleaders/band members will now receive six wristbands each which will allow them to purchase 6 tickets at the gate ($5 adults and students). This seating will be in the main bleachers and will allow a seating capacity of 672.
 Seating for students will be increased to 60 with preference being given to seniors, juniors, etc. ($5).
 Additional seating will be available to the general public ($5 adults and students), with purchase available through the on-line ticketing program HomeTown Ticketing that the Greene County School Board approved last year. These seats will be in sections around the football field and in the north and south end zone with each section designated for four people. A link will be shared on Greene County's social media accounts each Monday morning prior to home games.
Greene County's recent changes have added over 300 seats with Linduska field seating a total of 810 people this fall.
Each visiting team will also be allocated 160 seats on the visitors side.
Greene County High School will ask fans to wear face coverings when entering the stadium and when they are moving about (concession stand, restrooms, etc.) When seated, spectators will not be required to wear face coverings.
 "We are doing our best to develop attendance guidelines to allow for all people to attend a football game while still practicing social distancing," Greene County activities director Todd Gordon said. "Our ultimate goal is to preserve the football season for fans and athletes. We greatly appreciate your willingness to help us with these efforts."

2020 Greene County Fall Activities Guidance
General Spectator Information:   
○    Wristbands will be given to family members of players, cheerleaders and band members being sent home with the student.  Wristband must be on your wrist to purchase your ticket.  (6 wristbands per student/coach)
●    Main Grandstand seating will be for the family units of players, cheerleaders, coaches and band members only and who have had a wristband on to purchase a ticket.    
●    Dots will signify areas where groups should sit and practice social distancing by sitting in between the dots.
○    The following ticketing options will be available for the general public who do not have a wristband.  
■    Tickets will be sold to the general public online via HomeTown Ticketing through a link shared on social media on Monday morning prior to the Friday home game.  These will be a digital ticket on your phone that will be scanned to enter the stadium area.  
■    These options include the following:
●    7 sections (for up to four people each) along the south end zone will be sold online.  Fans in these spots will need to bring their own chair/blanket.  
○    $5 per ticket.
●    7 sections (for up to four people each) along the north end zone will be sold online.  Fans in these spots will need to bring their own chair/blanket.
○    $5 per ticket.
●    3 sections (for two people each) north of the main bleachers will be sold online.  Fans in these spots will need to bring their own chair/blanket.  
○    $5 per ticket.

■    Ticketing Options Continued:
●    10 seats on a small bleacher on the north end of the field close to the concession stand.      
○    $5 per ticket
●    Per HOIAC and Greene County Community School guidelines face coverings must be worn to enter facilities and must be worn when moving around in common areas such as going to concessions, rest rooms and when exiting the facility.  When you are in your seating area you are free to take the face covering off.  
●    All children in grades K-8 will be required to sit with their parents.  Children not accompanied with an adult will not be allowed to attend activities.
●    Bleachers will be marked with dots (12 feet apart) and your family group of six should sit between the two dots to help maintain social distancing.
○    Main bleacher seating is for the six ticket holders who have the wristband on.
●    Frequent reminders will be made via the public address announcer.
●    Spectators are responsible for their own health screenings.  If you are not feeling well, stay home.
●    Be patient and use common sense.
●    All in attendance should be watching the games, no social gathering or play will be allowed at school facilities.  
●    Abide by all posted signs.

●    Event entrances may be modified depending on the event and venue.
●    Face Covering is required for entry and to wear when moving in common areas such as concessions and restrooms.
○    We will sell them at the gate for $1 if a fan does not have one.
●    If cash is used, the exact amount is highly recommended.
○    Football - $5 for each ticket (K-12 ticket - $5)
○    Volleyball - $5 for adults; $3 for students
●    Admission workers will be required to wear a face covering.
●    Social distancing will be required in line.  
●    Exact change is encouraged and appreciated.

High School Student Section:
●    The high school student section will be in the far south bleachers on the home side along with two smaller temporary bleachers.
○    Capacity is 60 students per game.
■    15 on each of the temporary bleachers.
■    40 in the permanent bleacher.
○    Face Coverings are required in the student section for the entire game.
○    Tickets will be sold out of the Activities Office starting on Wednesday.
■    Cost is $5 per ticket.

●    Exact cash amount is highly recommended when ordering from a concession stand.
●    Social distancing will be required in line.  Please adhere to posted signage and respect everyone’s space.   
●    Modifications may be made to the setup of concessions to ensure safety.
●    Concession stand workers will go through a health screening and wear face mask coverings and gloves while working.

Media/Event Workers:
●    All event staff and workers should remain socially distant, when possible.
●    Face covering will be required if event staff can’t be socially distant from other staff.
●    Media must maintain 6 feet of distance when interviewing coaches and students and must have a face covering when on the sideline.

Post Game
●    Teams and Fans are asked to exit immediately after the game.
●    No gatherings or photo sessions to take place at this time.  

Important Things to Remember:
●    Please practice personal responsibility and respect for others.  
●    Wear a face covering when needed.
●    Maintain proper social distancing - if you can’t, please wear a mask.  
●    Wash or sanitize your hands frequently.
●    Monitor your health - If you feel sick, stay home!
The Greene County School District is working hard to make sure our students have a great experience this fall.  Please help us out by following the guidelines above!
Thank You for your support, patience and understanding as we all navigate through this fall season.  

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